I submitted a pull request this week with the edits that I described in my entry here last week (and some additional edits), and most of my time has been spent resolving any outstanding issues that existed with that. That’s now been merged.

The master branch of Musescore should have support now for all Guitar Pro import features, so feel free to test it and report any bugs that are found. Officially the GSoC pencils down date is set for tomorrow, but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere; I’ll still be around to look at bugs and make additional fixes. The testing I have done has been primarily on smaller, toy scores rather than large complicated ones, but there shouldn’t be too many problems on larger scores and as I’m practicing on my own (larger) guitar scores I dare say I’ll spot any problems myself too during guitar practice. 🙂

I’m going to spend a little time this week running as many Guitar Pro scores I can find through Musescore and looking for any bugs that might exist. Any issues found I’ll tackle in order of severity. If anybody does happen to find an issue, please do report it here: http://musescore.org/en/project/issues. I’m automatically notified when bug reports are created with the words “Guitar Pro” inside so don’t worry, they shouldn’t slip past me. Feel free to talk to me about specific bugs too, I don’t bite – I’ve had people e-mail and tweet me about bugs/questions/comments in the past, so use whatever medium you prefer (for specific bugs though, the Musescore tracker is preferable as it leaves the information open to all developers on the project).