Overview of work this week

Spent most of my time this week adding support for any unsupported features I could find with respect to Guitar Pro import. There is support now in my local branch for the following new features:

  • Directions.
  • Vibrato. New symbols were needed for this and they will be found in the master palette. All symbols were defined in SMuFL so no big issues there.
  • Volume swell. Just a single new symbol needed for this, defined in SMuFL so that’s now all fine. I’ve used the older version of FontForge to avoid breakage for Windows users this time.
  • Free time. Parenthesis are added around time signatures, the current bar gets a double bar marking and some text appears above the bar indicating that it’s to be played in free time.
  • Slurs. Solution tweaked and made the tests, so nothing more to do here.

I’ve also merged the slide branch with the GPX support branch, so that’s out of the way, and modified slightly the way that key signatures are handled during import as sometimes there were warnings about duplicate key signatures. I’ll continue to test that this week.

A bit of refactoring has been done also, I’ll be continuing that this week so that it’s cleaner and easier to document. I’m leaving most of the documentation work (though some has been done as I’ve been going along, but may need updated) until the last week of GSoC the next week, I want to focus right now on having all the features handled, but we’re almost there on that anyway.

Key tasks that stalled


Overview of work for next week

This week, my main goal is to finish support for the only missing feature that I have on my list – tremolo bars. I have already started work on this so I’m going to finish that off. I’ll also take a look at key signatures again and check that there aren’t any more warnings generated there. There’s also a tweak to be made to the way slides that operate on a single note are drawn, as currently they look odd when placed in the master palette. I’m hoping I can take care of all of these. I’ll then look again at the original Guitar Pro software and check that there aren’t any features left that are unsupported, adding any I find.

I think it would be good to check also that any features that have been added are working in all versions that support them. Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious whether a feature is backward-compatible. I’ll take a look at this once tremolo bars are done. In any case that shouldn’t take too long, as once tremolo bars are completed then all the machinery should be there.

Some testing with larger test files would be good too – often with new features the scores are toy in size rather than something very large and rich with features. No doubt there will be at least one thing to find and fix there.