Overview of work this week

Last week, I wrote about doing the chord diagrams and improving the playback support in the GPX format, and remarked there was more to do on the percussion parts with respect to getting good playback. This is what I’ve been working on this week, including fixing the way that wrong notes can be mapped in the previous versions of Guitar Pro.

There are currently three bugs which exist related to percussion issues in Guitar Pro, bug #21899 which describes a problem where some of the notes in the drum parts differ from the notes which are specified in the full score, bug #22124 which describes the issue where drum notes can be placed on the staff at an incorrect location, and bug #21731, which states that some Guitar Pro drumset notes cannot be exported correctly to MusicXML format correctly.

The approach I have taken to this problem is to construct an entirely new drumset for Guitar Pro. It was decided at some point this week that separate drumsets should be built where necessary for different versions of Guitar Pro so that the user will not notice differences between the Guitar Pro software representation and the Musescore representation with respect to drum parts. This being the case, two drumsets will need to be created. One will be done for Guitar Pro versions 5 and below, but a new one will be needed for the Guitar Pro 6 format (which actually represents percussion parts a lot better than Guitar Pro 5 does).

Most of the work has been completed here, and is entirely complete for the Guitar Pro 5 format. This work fixes the three bugs mentioned earlier. I’ll put in a pull request for this probably towards the end of the week, I have other pull requests to submit first. I’ll do some work looking at doing this for the Guitar Pro 6 this week too. Now I know what I’m doing there it shouldn’t take too long.

The issue with the fade symbol has also been fixed, the issue was that different fonts are used for displaying the score and for displaying the master palette. I’ve added the symbol to the font we use  for displaying the score and to the other font we have in the repository (Gonville). I’ve put in a pull request for this and that symbol should start showing up soon in the Musescore repository soon.

A pull request from last week has yet to be submitted on the GPX format, that’s next on my list to put forward. I might just put the drumset changes for GP5 and below in first, then put more into the GPX branch for drumsets meanwhile. Either way this should get submitted this week, I don’t expect GPX drumset support will take the whole week at all.

Key tasks that stalled

None at this time.

Overview of work for next week

There are still six bugs open which flag problems against the older Guitar Pro formats:

  • Bug #24216, where the symbol representing an empty bar is not centered.
  • Bug #22604, where slides are not imported.
  • Bug #22128, where hammer-ons, pull-offs are not imported.

The work I’ll be doing next week will include one from that list, hopefully I’ll fix #24216 and start #22128. I’ll be working on the Guitar Pro 6 drumset issue also. If I get through all that then I’ll start #22604 if there’s time remaining.

The three bugs which I’m not looking at yet are:

  • Bugs #22041 and #22438, which discuss issues with lyrics displacing other elements on the score. These may not be Guitar Pro import issues, unless we decide to import the lyrics as staff text, in which case there will be something to be done here.
  • Bug #23054 which shows that beaming is different in Guitar Pro to Musescore. I’m not sure whether this should be closed as ‘by design’ or not. I’ll talk to someone else in the project before looking at this or the previous bug.

After these six have been resolved one way or another, I’ll go hunting for other features we don’t import for older versions of Guitar Pro files as I’m sure there’s at least one or two, and shift focus to the GPX format as there’s lots still to do there (I don’t think I’ve added any articulations yet for example). I believe the mid-term reviews are also due this week, so I’ll get that out of the way when it comes out tomorrow.