As part of being selected to participate in Google Summer of Code 2014, this blog will describe progress on my chosen project. The aim of this project is to enhance and test the support for Guitar Pro files in Musescore.

Within the last week I submitted a pull request which added support for voltas in the .GP5 (Guitar Pro 5) format. I’m going to start by working further on that area, and add support for voltas in other versions of Guitar Pro. After that is completed I’ll choose another one of the bugs that have been filed against Guitar Pro on the Musescore issue tracker at [2] and work on that. I expect to be working on existing bugs with the currently supported formats for the next week or so. Work on the (currently entirely unsupported) GPX format (the format used by Guitar Pro version 6) has been started already and what I have done for that so far has been pushed to my fork of the Musescore git repository at [1]. Currently, I’m planning to continue working on the GPX format at the beginning of May.

My plan is to update this blog every Sunday so that it’s easy to see what I’m currently working on. That said, I’ll get started!